PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart – As the CEO of PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart is on a mission to make solar and energy efficiency affordable for all homeowners


PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart – As the CEO of PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart is on a mission to make solar and energy efficiency affordable for all homeowners. This goal has made PosiGen a leader in the industry.

To accomplish this, PosiGen uses a sales model that makes solar a cost-effective investment paired with energy efficiency upgrades. Customers save money on their utility bills by using more of the power they generate and sell back to the grid through a two-directional net meter.

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of PosiGen

PosiGen was founded in 2011 with a focus on making solar and energy efficiency solutions accessible to low-to-moderate income homeowners. Today, the company has helped more than 10,000 families in New York, Connecticut, Florida, and Louisiana save money with its unique solar and energy efficiency products and services.

In addition to installing solar panels, PosiGen also offers energy efficiency upgrades. These include air leak sealing, smart thermostats and replacing incandescent light bulbs. The combination of these upgrades and solar panel production helps customers to see substantial savings over the long run.

Neyhart has been recognized as one of Goldman Sachs’ 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs, and Business Insider named him among 27 Coolest New Businessmen in 2014. He is also a past president of the Louisiana Rental Dealers Association and is involved with Habitat for Humanity.

During his time with PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart has made it a priority to help low-income homeowners access the benefits of renewable energy. He has also spearheaded efforts to expand the company’s presence in minority communities across the nation.

Thomas Neyhart is the Founder of PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart, the Founder of PosiGen, is a visionary leader committed to making renewable energy affordable and accessible for all. He leads a company that provides solar energy and energy efficiency solutions for low-to-moderate income homeowners.

While renewable and clean energy sources have long been a staple of the sustainable living movement, many communities across the nation still struggle to access these systems because of expensive installation and maintenance costs. As CEO of PosiGen, Thomas Neyhart is on a mission to democratize access to clean energy and transform local communities at the same time.

PosiGen offers solar leasing programs to low-income homeowners with no minimum credit score or debt-to-income ratio requirements. The company also offers energy efficiency upgrades, including insulation and smart thermostats.

Thomas Neyhart is the President of PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart is the President of PosiGen, a solar energy and sustainable power solutions provider. He’s on a mission to make clean, renewable solar energy more accessible to everyone.

One way to do that is to make it easier for homeowners in low-income and marginalized communities to go solar. Traditionally, only the wealthiest homeowners have been able to afford energy-efficient upgrades like solar panels.

This is why Thomas Neyhart started PosiGen, a four-year-old company out of New Orleans that focuses on “blue-collar green” – bringing renewable energy and savings to those who most need them.

In addition to installing solar systems, the company also helps customers save money on their utilities through home energy efficiency upgrades. It’s a win-win for both parties. Using creative programs and solutions, they’re delivering real savings to customers while helping reduce their reliance on grid energy and fossil fuels.

Thomas Neyhart is the Chief Financial Officer of PosiGen

Thomas Neyhart serves as the Chief Financial Officer of PosiGen, a company that provides solar and energy efficiency solutions to low-income homeowners. The company uses a lease program that covers the cost of installing the solar system and offers energy efficiency upgrades for a flat monthly rate.

PosiGen customers get a 6-kilowatt solar system on their roof and an energy savings guarantee. The company also does a blower door test and makes up to 30 energy efficiency upgrades, such as changing out incandescent light bulbs for LEDs and adding insulation.

Founded in 2011, PosiGen is the nation’s leading provider of renewable energy and energy efficiency services to lower-income homes. Located in New York, Connecticut, Florida and Louisiana, the company’s solutions help its customers save money on utility bills and achieve better financial autonomy and energy independence through renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

PosiGen recently acquired New England Conservation Services, the state’s oldest active provider of residential energy efficiency services, which will allow them to deliver faster and more efficient energy efficiency solutions to their customers.

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