Overcoming Workflow Challenges With an Effective Management Tool


Effective workflow management is critical to achieving productivity, time management, and reduced stress levels. However, implementing the right workflow management strategy can be challenging.

Manual processes bog down your team’s efficiency, stifle their morale, and pull them away from billable work. This is why it’s crucial to automate as much as possible with workflow automation tools.

Inefficient Planning

Inefficient processes are one of the biggest threats to business success. These issues reduce company productivity and profitability and can impact employee morale. Determining where the inefficiencies originate and implementing effective workflow management strategies is essential.

The first step to overcoming inefficient processes is clearly defining what needs to be done, who will do it, and when. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page and there are no misunderstandings or missed deadlines. In addition, efficient planning allows for contingency plans to be implemented during a roadblock.

Efficient planning can also be accomplished using a task management tool for easy collaboration and communication between team members. This can help improve project planning, reduce time and cost, and eliminate bottlenecks. Additionally, it can automate some workflow tasks. For example, an HR department can use a workflow management solution to organize resumes and easily recall them when new job openings occur, which can reduce the time it takes to fill open positions by up to 80%.

Micromanaging Team Members

It’s common for team members to make mistakes, especially when they’re new. For this reason, short-term micromanagement may be necessary to help them acclimate to the company’s systems and procedures.

However, micromanagers tend to become fixated on a particular method of completing tasks, ensuring that the work meets a specific set of guidelines. This prevents employees from finding creative solutions and optimizing workflow processes, ultimately reducing productivity.

Additionally, when managers are constantly breathing down their team’s necks, it creates an environment where employees don’t feel trusted or motivated to ask for guidance. This leads to burnout, which isn’t suitable for anyone involved. Managers can also be burned out from micromanaging, which affects their mental and physical health. It’s a vicious cycle that can cause long-term damage. With proper workflow management tools, like Fellow’s feedback platform, you can ensure that your teams have the support and freedom to thrive.

Ineffective Communication

Workflow management requires clear communication, positive reinforcement, and feedback between team members. With these tools, workflow challenges can arise, affecting productivity and leading to a positive customer experience.

Ineffective communication can also occur when team members need to use the right communication vehicle or method. For example, if you need to ask your colleague a quick question, there are more effective ways than instant messaging. Instead, walking over and asking her in person would be better.

Other ineffective communication methods include:

  • Using overly technical language and jargon that others don’t understand.
  • Speaking too quickly or with a monotone voice.
  • Making statements without emotion.

These factors can result in misunderstandings and misinterpretations of your message, leading to confusion and a lack of alignment between teams.

To overcome these barriers, managers must remain open-minded and flexible in their approach to workflow management. This can mean delegating specific tasks to the right team member, such as writing email copy or designing social media posts, rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Lack of Flexibility

Workflows are the steps people, machines, and systems take to accomplish a business objective. Some workflows are simple and entail only a few steps, such as retail transactions, while others may involve numerous complex, interlocking processes, such as manufacturing a piece of equipment.

More efficient workflows can save staff time and resources, leading to expensive delays and missed opportunities. Ensuring that all workflow aspects are well-documented and optimized is essential to avoid these pitfalls. This includes outlining all required work steps, assigning appropriate team members to handle each task, and establishing how long missions will take to complete.

In addition, managers should consider using a solution that allows them to automate workflows where possible. This can help save valuable staff time and reduce errors due to manual data entry. It also helps alleviate team frustration by freeing up their attention for more critical work. By leveraging Pipefy’s automation capabilities, IMImobile South Africa was able to reclaim over 80% of the time previously spent on marketing requests.

Data Migration

When changing a data management system, workflow automation tools should be implemented to overcome the challenges of transferring data from one storage type to another. This often occurs following an acquisition, where the systems from both companies need to be combined – or when a company chooses to change its database vendor to benefit from a better architecture or more advanced functionality.

The first step in a successful data migration is to evaluate the source systems and design a migration plan, which can be executed either with the Big Bang method (all at once) or a trickle-down approach. The latter involves running both systems in parallel during the migration, eliminating downtime and minimizing the risk of data loss.

After a successful migration, businesses should verify and translate the data to ensure it is readable in the new system and supports various processes. A final validation process and the decommissioning of legacy systems is also necessary. Ongoing data synchronization is also essential to ensure that all databases and applications use the same version of information.


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