Meta Introduces New Verification Subscription System For Facebook and Instagram


Meta Verification Subscription System – Facebook’s parent company, Meta, has introduced a new verification subscription system for Instagram and Facebook users. It comes as social media companies look to monetize their services in an uncertain environment.

The new service will offer a verified blue badge, extra protection from impersonation, direct access to customer support and more visibility. It is available in Australia and New Zealand now and will roll out globally in the future.

A Blue Badge

The Blue Badge feature of Meta’s new verification subscription system is a big selling point for the social network. It also includes extra impersonation protection, direct access to customer support and more visibility on the platform.

A Blue Badge is a national scheme that helps people with disabilities park closer to their destination, whether they are driving or being driven. The badge usually lasts for three years and can give you exemption from some parking restrictions.

This includes being able to park on some single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours, unless there is a ‘no loading’ restriction.

If you have a non-physical disability that is not visible you may qualify for a Blue Badge, this includes conditions such as asthma, autism, psychological/behavioural problems, Crohn’s disease/incontinent conditions and Myalgia Encephalomyelitis (ME).

You can apply for a Blue Badge online or by printing off a full application form. You should provide evidence of your condition or disability in order to be assessed. It can take up to 12 weeks for us to process your application once we have received all of the relevant documents.

Extra Impersonation Protection

Facebook and Instagram users who subscribe to Meta’s new verification subscription system will be able to get a blue badge, extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be them, direct access to customer support, and more visibility on the platforms. The service will be available starting this week in Australia and New Zealand, according to a Sunday announcement by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The new service is a move by the company to diversify its business, which is largely dependent on advertising. It comes after Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, launched a paid-for verification service last year called “Twitter Blue” that offers a blue check mark for paying subscribers.

To qualify for Meta Verified, users must meet minimum activity requirements and submit a government ID that matches their profile name and photo. They must also be 18 years old or older and have a prior posting history.

Direct Access to Customer Support

Meta, formerly Facebook, is testing a subscription service that will let users verify their accounts with a government ID. It will also provide them with extra impersonation protection and direct access to customer support.

According to Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, the new feature is about “increasing authenticity and security across our services.” The new verification subscription system will begin rolling out this week in Australia and New Zealand before launching worldwide.

As online advertising slows, social media companies have been trying to diversify their revenue sources. Twitter, Snap and others have recently launched subscription offerings, like Snapchat Plus and Twitter Blue, which verify users’ accounts with a blue checkmark.

Taking a page from Twitter’s playbook, Meta will charge users $12 per month for the new Meta Verified service, which will include a blue badge and extra protection against impersonation accounts. It will also give subscribers extra visibility and reach, with prominence in certain areas of the platform — like search, comments and recommendations.

Increased Visibility

The new verification subscription system from Meta offers users increased visibility and reach on Facebook and Instagram. This includes a blue badge on your account, extra impersonation protection, direct access to customer support and more.

The service is aimed at creators who use their social media accounts for business. The subscription costs $12 on the web and $15 on iOS and Android devices.

This is Meta’s attempt to diversify its business, which has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and other economic downturns. Almost all of Meta’s revenue comes from advertising, but that revenue can be unpredictable.

With this new verification subscription system, creators will be able to get a verified blue check on their accounts, just like Twitter’s Blue subscription plan. And they’ll also have additional security and a higher profile on the platforms, according to a blog post.

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