How Is Postcard Printing Helpful in Marketing?


Postcard marketing remains a powerful tool despite the rise of digital mediums like text messaging, instant messenger, emails, Skype calls, and voice mails. 

Targeted Marketing

Postcards are an ideal marketing tool for your business because they can be used to promote several different things. You can use them to introduce new products and packages, announce a sale or special offer, invite customers to your business for an event or tradeshow, drive traffic to your website or social media page, or even serve as a coupon. They can be printed in various ways to fit your unique business needs and easily incorporated into an overall marketing strategy.

One of the best things about postcard printing in marketing is that it allows you to target specific market segments. You can dramatically boost response rates by customizing your postcard copy and offering specifically for these clients. You can also make your postcards measurable by adding a promo code that ties back to your online store, allowing you to see exactly how much ROI you get from your postcard campaign.

Postcards are a great way to spread the word about your business, especially for local companies. These can include restaurants, laundromats, real estate firms, schools, and other companies that serve a particular community. You can also use EDDM postcards, which target every household in a specific neighborhood. 


Postcards are a great way to promote a business. They are affordable, quick to launch, and can be used to deliver a targeted marketing message. They are also a great option for small businesses and creative freelancers. They look professional without the hefty price tag and can be used to showcase work samples. Postcards are also trackable with QR codes or pURLs, which can help increase response rates.

Unlike email blasts, which often end up in spam bins or get deleted, postcards can be kept on hand and are more likely to be read. They can also be displayed in places that potential customers, such as water fountains, break rooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, and vending machines frequent.

You should focus on a well-defined market segment to make the most of postcards. This can be a list of existing clients, a new target market, or a specific geographic area. You can rent or purchase a mailing list or print EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards to reach every home in a given area. Regardless of your approach, include a clear call to action and contact information on your postcards. This will ensure you get the most out of them and encourage a positive response. For example, you could offer a limited-time coupon on your card to encourage customers to respond immediately.

Visual Appeal

Postcards are visually appealing and can help promote your business by grabbing the recipient’s attention. Using vivid images, vibrant colors, and high-contrast designs are all ways to make a postcard stand out from the crowd. You can also use special print effects to add texture and contrast to your postcards, which will attract even more eyeballs. Adding your logo to your postcards helps to create a recognizable brand identity that will increase customer loyalty and trust. You can also include a QR code on your postcards that will lead to a specific web page or other resource, such as white papers, videos, case studies, FAQs, podcasts, and eBooks. Having this information easily accessible will encourage your customers to act and purchase.

Another great way to use postcards is to promote discounts for your products or services. Having these discounts available for a limited time can be one of the best ways to boost sales and attract new clients. This is especially effective for service-based businesses, such as salons and restaurants, that can use postcards to spread the word about their deals.


Postcard printing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. Unlike digital ads, which can be costly, postcards allow businesses to target specific markets and demographics. This makes them an ideal option for companies with limited budgets. Postcard campaigns can be tailored to your business’s needs and include various elements such as coupons, event invitations, product launches, and sales promotions. They can also be used to connect with current and potential customers online. The key to a successful postcard campaign is to create an engaging message and strong visuals. You want your postcards to stand out among the clutter in your clients’ mailboxes.

Another advantage of postcards is their ability to be tracked. When paired with a unique coupon code, postcards can be used to track customer responses and measure the effectiveness of your campaign. For example, when visiting your website, you can ask recipients to bring their postcards in for a discount or use a special ordering code.

In high-tech marketing, it’s important to remember that low-tech techniques can be just as effective when used properly. A well-designed and targeted postcard campaign can be as effective as an online ad and provide more measurable results.


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