Buzzy Bee For Shots – A lot of our kids have to get poked and it can be a pain


Buzzy Bee For Shots – A lot of our kids have to get poked and it can be a pain! Thankfully, we can make it a little bit easier and more comfortable for them by using a few simple techniques.

Buzzy is a bumble bee-shaped device that simultaneously applies ice and vibration to desensitize the area of injection and distract for a more comfortable experience. Available at Kinney Drugs, Buzzy can be used on children who have needle sensitivity or fear.

It’s shaped like a bee

The pain of getting shots is not a pleasant experience for kids and adults. Fortunately, a new gadget is on the market that aims to take the sting out of needles.

Buzzy Bee is a reusable device that combines vibration and cold temperature to help minimize the pain of injections. It was invented by a pediatrician and pain researcher.

It’s shaped like a bee, and its wings are made of ice packs. The combination of vibration and cold confuses the nervous system to block pain signals before they reach the brain, reducing or eliminating pain.

Kinney Drugs is rolling out the patented bumble bee-shaped device that applies ice and vibration to desensitize the area of injection before it begins as well as distract and disrupt pain transmission during the poke itself.

The device is designed for children and adults who are fearful or sensitive to needles, but can also be used for adult vaccines. It’s an exclusive “comfort vaccination experience” offered through a partnership with Pain Care Labs.

It’s a vibrating device

It is a small device that uses vibration and cold to reduce pain from injections, finger sticks, splinters, IV starts, blood draws, and more. It has been clinically proven to reduce pain from needle procedures, including vaccinations, diabetes management, and even chemo infusions.

The patented combination of high-frequency vibration (Gate Control) and cold (Descending Noxious Inhibitory Control/DNIC) is believed to prompt the brain to close the gate on pain signals by triggering nerves that don’t sense any pain. It also increases the body’s threshold for pain by exposing it to extreme cold.

Buzzy Bee helps distract children and their parents from fear and anxiety that comes with getting a shot. It’s a popular tool used in pediatric hospitals. The reusable bee-shaped device attaches frozen wings to a clip, and can be attached near the injection site.

It’s a cold compress

Using cold and vibration, buzzy bee for shots blocks pain signals before they reach the brain. It can be used for injections, finger sticks, splinters, IV starts, and blood draws.

It is a handheld device that delivers a vibrating sensation, along with an ice pack as its “wings.” The combination of these two elements confuses the nerves and helps block the sharp pain from an injection or needle poke.

The device can be held by a nurse, phlebotomist, child life specialist or parent and placed over the injection site. It may be placed a few inches above the site for a few seconds before the needle is inserted, then removed after the procedure is complete.

It was created by Amy Baxter, a pediatric emergency physician in Atlanta. Her bee-shaped device won a $1 million start-up grant from the National Institutes of Health. She has since pitched it on Shark Tank and incorporated it into her practice.

It’s reusable

Getting shots or drawing blood is one of the most painful experiences for kids. It can cause them to melt down and it can be tough for parents to take the sting out of these procedures.

Buzzy bee for shots is a pain relief device that uses ice and vibration to dull the pain of injections. It was created by Dr Amy Baxter, a pediatrician and pain researcher.

It’s reusable and works by applying concentrated cold and vibration to the injection site. It also doesn’t use narcotics.

The reusable buzzy bee for shots looks like a bee with freezable gel pack “wings.” It can be used for dental injections and other needle-related procedures, such as IV starts or finger sticks. It was developed by MMJ Labs in Atlanta, Georgia.

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